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3D Imaging

3D Imaging


The GALILEOS 3D X-ray imaging system is making high-quality, 3D digital x-rays a reality for doctors and their patients, and Dr. Nimisha Somaiya is one of only a few dentists in the area to offer this important technology. How does it work? A digital x-ray scanner is mounted on a mechanical arm that rotates around a patient's head, projecting x-rays in a computer-controlled, cone-shaped beam. In a matter of seconds, all data images needed are collected after one complete pass of the scanner. The detailed images can then be called up on a computer screen in a variety of angles and views, including 2D, 3D, and panorama. This allows us to fully see the relationship between patients' teeth, bones, nerves, tissues, and airways like never before, making us exceptionally equipped for diagnostic and treatment planning decisions. We believe complete information is a vital component of comprehensive care.

The Galileos 3D x-ray imaging system also allows us to provide our patients with leading edge diagnostic technology at a lower cost and with less radiation than traditional CT scans. A fast scan time of only 14 seconds minimizes patient radiation exposure while generating precise, high resolution images.

Galileos diagnostic scans are used to help our team evaluate and plan for:

  • Oral surgery, including dental implant placement
  • Extraction of impacted teeth (particularly wisdom teeth)
  • Orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery)
  • Assessment of general jaw health and TMJ disorders
  • Evaluation of sinus cavities
  • Airway evaluation (for snoring and sleep apnea treatment)
  • Orthodontic treatment planning

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